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Online Breakthrough in Locating Elder Care Facilities

As the elderly population grows, families find help in locating suitable care facilities.

Douglasville, GA – Statistics show that 4 out of every 10 people turning 65 will have the need of part or full-time nursing care at some point in their lives. As our population ages, the demand for these services only will continue to grow. To aid families in finding acceptable care facilities within a convenient distance, Aging by Design Ministry announces – a free, searchable directory of nursing care facilities.

“In 1999, ‘baby boomers’ represented almost 30 percent of the U.S. population. Over the next 12 to 30 years, they’ll age to 65 or older. That means that by 2030, one in every five Americans will be at least 65 years of age. That statistic, combined with the longevity in this country greatly magnifies the importance of finding quality nursing home care,” says Rick Caracciolo, CEO of Aging by Design Ministry.

The age group of 85 and older is the fastest growing segment of the American population today. In fact, the number of people belonging to this group has more than tripled since 1970. “As more and more of us are living into these later years, we’re more likely to experience chronic illnesses, disabilities, and dependency,” says Caracciolo.

“Our goal in creating is to alleviate some of the complications involved in finding nursing homes. There are over 15,000 nursing homes in this country, and it helps to be able to narrow that number down to those facilities that are closer to home,” says Caracciolo.

Searches can be performed by just “one” of the following name, address, city, state, zip code or provider number and allow users to keep their privacy. “We don’t require that people give us any personal information whatsoever,” says Caracciolo. “Any information you provide is strictly voluntary and confidential.” And, a search can be performed in just two clicks of a mouse.

The site includes answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding long-term care, including methods and tips for contacting, touring, and evaluating the homes. Users will also find informative articles and news pieces about important geriatric and nursing care issues.

Our Mission

Our mission at is to help you find a nursing home. When you find a nursing home, our mission is successful. We want to make this one of the easiest experiences that we can for you. We know that looking for a nursing home can be a very stressful time. Many times we are called upon to find a nursing home, also known as a long-term care facility, for our loved ones immediately.

So you ask, “Where do I look for a nursing Home? What is occupational therapy? How do I get in contact with the nursing home?” The answer to these questions and many more can be found right here at A nursing home can be a very positive experience, and they have many services to offer their residents.

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